Mark Styropore Industry manufactures the widest range and is capable of catering to all your insulation needs. The following options are available in Mark styropore industry® insulation sheets:

Sheet Size
8 feet x 4 feet
8 feet x 4 feet
12kg/m3 - 40kg/m3
0.5 inch up to 30 inches
8 feet x 4 feet
8 feet x 4 feet
8 feet x 4 feet
8 feet x 4 feet
Salient Features of Mark Styropore®
  1. Low thermal conductivity
  2. Exceptionally lightweight yet very strong
  3. Non-biodegradable and non-toxic; CFC free
  4. No effect of Bacteria and Fungi
  5. High resistance to water vapor diffusion
  6. Easily cut, drilled or molded
  7. High compressive strength and ability to hold pressure
Areas of Usage
  1. Building insulation (roof, walls, floors)
  2. Cold stoppages
  3. Poultry control sheds
  4. Expansion joints
  5. Prefabricated housing
  6. Server room insulation
  7. Recording studious for sound insulation